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The Improved Joross Gamboa!

Who have though that a former wholesome talent search graduate would become as sexy as this! Yup, this is now the new Joross Gamboa!

Joross Gambo is the product of the former hit Talent Search in the Kapamilya network called "Star Circle Quest"! After that talent search, he made different wholesome roles in TV and movies!

Then last year, this young actor eventually transformed to the Kapuso station! He was not that visible until t Cosmomen for 2010 released!

I was shocked to see in that magazine the ultra hot...uhhhh yeah so hot Joross Gamboa! Ahhhh....!!! He's body was so tempting!!!

Here is Joross Gamboa now! You will really feel so 'L'  seeing him! Joross, Joross, oh Jorossssshhh, you are so uhh! Yummy! Ang sarap mo!!! C",)

Carl Guevarra Shows Butt in Cosmo Bash 2010!

Hayz...sobrang bitin! Look at this picture!

Yup, that was Carl Guevarra during the Cosmopolitan Bachelor Bash 2010! As you can see, Carl Guevarra partially showed his butt! Sayang hindi nya pa binaba lahat....!!! BITIN!

But still Carl is one of the hot guys who ramped during the event! Hopefully, more and more Carl Guevarra and more naked him will be seen! Sa susinod hubarin mo na 'yan!! C",)  

Cosmo Bash 2010 - Carl Guevarra!

This is Carl Guevarra during the recently concluded Cosmopolitan Bachelor Bash 2010! Look at him, he looks so naughty hot!

Well, I like the way he projects! He's so naughty hot! Because of that trait, lalo syang sumasarap! Uhhh Carl....!!! Uhhh!!!

So no more so many talk for now, I will let you see hot hot Carl Guevarra is...! Ang sarap mo Carl...ang sarap-sarapppp moooohhh!!! Uhhhh...!!! C",)