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Oh So Yummy JC Tiuseco!

Oh JC...Oh Jc...Uhhhh....!!!!

JC Tiuseco is one of the hottesdt hunk today! He emerged from GMA-7's reality show called "Survivor Philippines"! Yup he is the first sole survivor in the said reality show!

From the first time I saw JC in 2008 in that reality show, I really feel uhhh...!!! Ang sarap nya! I really like his body! His abs, his muscles were so tempting...!!! Uhhh...JC...uhhh JC...ang sarap mo!

Actually JC is not only hot! Yeah he also got the looks! Masarap na, gwapo pa...!!! I wish I could have him in bed!

So glad that JC was declared as he winner in that reality show since he was actually my bet! Ohhhh...JC...Uhhh...!!! Pagkasarap-sarap! C",)

Tempting Gardo Versoza!

Gardo Versoza is a former hot bold star! Yeah, I was an elementary student when this so-called "Titilating King"  dominate the triple X movies!

Would you like to see how Gardo Versoza looks like before?! Yeah, do you want to take a look on him during his bold star days?! Well, here are some of the previous hot photos of Gardo Versoza. Maglaway ka muna sa kanya!

Actually when I was a very young child, I got a crush on this hot guy! Hindi pa man sya naghuhubad noon, crusk ko na sya! What more nang maghubad na...!

His first movie was "Machete II" with Ms. Rosanna Roces! After that, more and more bold movies came to Gardo! 
Gardo...oh Gardo...uhhhhh....ang sarap mo! Hope now I can still see your hot sexy body! Hope that you maintin that sexiness!!! Indeed your one great hot papa! Uhhh...Gardo! C",)

Cosmo Bash 2010 - Matteo Guidiceili!

The recently concluded Cosmopolitan Bachelor Bash wa really wet and wild! It was full of the gorgeous hot hunks! Uhhh...!!! I will share with you some of the photos of these gorgeous hunks! Let's start with the "Agua Bendita" leading man, Matteo Guidiceili! 

Pagkasarap-sarap ni Matteo dito! Uhhh...he was really tempting and seductive! His body was really wet and wild! I couldn't imagine a young hunk like Matteo can have a great body like this! Oozing...!
While Matteo is getting wet during this fashion show, I started also to get hot! Ohhh Matteo, ohhh matteo... basang-basa na ako s'yo!

Matteo is really one hot hunk today! Yeah, I admit it...he was my crush! Awww.... And you know that Matteo is my dream boyfriend?! Yeah, I imagine myself having Matteo as my boyfriend! Yummy na gwapo pa! San ka pa...!

What more, Matteo really got a sexy body! Ang laki ng katawan, ang sarap pa...! Grabe mga Italyano talaga..! How big kaya 'ung sa baba...?! Haha...! Ohhhh Matteo, Ohhh Matteo....Uhhhh!!!1 Ang sarap-sarap...ang sarap...pagkasarap-sarap mo...!!! C",) 
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