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Cosmo Bash 2010 - Prince Stefan!


More Hot Joross Gamboa Photos in Cosmo Bash 2010

The appearance of Joross Gamboa in the recently concluded Cosmopolitan Bash 2010 really surprises many! He is soo hot!!! Uhhh...Joross!!!

Here are more of the hottest photos of Joross Gamboa in the said event. Credit to the owner! C",)

Joross...uhhhh Joross pagkasarap-sarap mo..uhhhh...ahhhh!!! You will really burning hot because of him!

Sa sobrang sarap n'ya, I can't count how many times akong tinigasan sa kanya! You will really jerk off because of his hot, hot, hot body...uhhh!!! Sa larawan pa lang sobrang sarap na!!! Grabeeeeee...uhhhhh!!!

More Joross...more Joross...uhhh...ahhhh...yeah...hubad pa,,,uhhhh C",)

'Dukot' Scenes in Cosmopolitan Bash 2010!

If Rafael Rosell is termed as the 'Dukot King' since he made succesive 'dukot' scenes in many of his ramp event like the Bench Uncut Fashion show, other more hot guys followed his path!

Here tingnan nyo...!

Here are some of the guys who made 'dukot' their 'birdie' in the recent Cosmopolitan Bachelor Bash 2010! we wish we will the one making 'dukot' their properties! Uhhh...sarap!! C",)

Cosmo Bash 2010 - Suzuki Sadatsugu!


More Cosmo Bash 2010 Hot Hunks Photos I

More and moore hot guys in the Cosmopolitan Bash 2010! Uhhhh... Here are some of the photos!!! They were too hot! It's really reigning men! Uhhh...

So start jerking and have fun with these guys! Ah..ah...ahhhh!!!
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